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Monday, June 11, 2007

I am happy

During the semester I have worked on two papers; one about "a Psycholinguistic Study on Rodaki(the father of persian poem)`s poems", second one about "Phonology of Traditional Esfahan Accent "(Esfahn Jewish accent). also I have another one about "Linguistic Study about one of the Iranian Northern Accent". I have to work on it during the summer.next week my final exams will start.I am busy with my lessons, papers and also my work.these days are the last days of school days.I had too many student`s papers to correct.I hope I can pass my exams as well as last semester.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A poem for you

My bosom grac`d with each gay flow`r.
I grasp the bowl, my nymph in glee;
The monarch of the world this hour,
Is but a slave compare`d to me.

Intrude not with the taper`s light,
My social friends, with beaming eyes;
Trundle around a starry night,
And lo! my nymph the moon supplies.

Away, thy sprinkling odours spare,
Be not officiously thus kind;
The waving ringlets of my Fair,
Shed perfume to the fainting wind.

My ears th` enlivening notes inspire,
As lute or harp alternate sound;
My eyes those ruby lips admire,
Or each the glasses sparkling round.

Then let no moments steal away,
Without thy mistress and thy wine;
The spring flowers blossom to decay,
And youth but glows to own decline.

Hafiz (one of the greatest Iranian poet)
Thomas law