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Friday, August 14, 2009

Honey comb and honey niece

you can see my nice neice with her little hands which got heavy honey comb for her aunt to take a photo for you...

A trip to North west of Iran

Our Holy Prophet ,Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said:
Whenever you feel tired have a trip, even short, whenever you feel uneasy in your hometown, migrate…

My mother, my brother's family and I have one week trip to North West of Iran (Ardabil). Although I had a terrible toothache during the trip I enjoyed it a lot. We visit Ardebil, which is one of the cities of the northwesters province of Iran. Ardebil people are Iranian –Turkish. They speak in Turkey and they are really kind and calm.
We went to Sareyn. Sareyn is a town near Ardabil on the slope of Sabalan Mountain. It is well known by its mineral spring. It has sulphuric water which is good for bones and skin. We spent 2 hours in sulphuric water in International Sabalan Pool and enjoy its warmth. There are 11 pools for mineral water some are luxury and some on medium.
On the way back we bought honey and honey comb from the best honey maker in the current year in Ardabil. Ardabil is famous for its natural honey. It is really rich and delicious.
Since I had pain in my tooth I could not go for shopping as I wish, I `ve just bought some souvenirs for my nieces and nephews.