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Saturday, July 28, 2007

those are the photoes of Dalkhan Jungle in north of Iran

It is a view of Caspian Sea in the north of Iran

Look! it is a desert! The Esfahan –Tehran road is on it…

Every week I pass this desert…(I study in Tehran and live in Esfahan)

Imagine me when I was in the road of north…
I sat like a giraffe in the bus…I wanted to see all the green roads…

Friday, July 27, 2007

A trip to North

Last Sunday I came back from north of Iran (province near Caspian Sea). I was in Mazandaran province. I started my trip on Sunday. I went to my friend's house in Babol for 3days and then move to another city called Ramsar for another3 days.
I had a very pleasant time there. The first three days, she and his family were really nice and kind. During the days, I never felt strange among them they are so close about their guests. We went to different cities of the province, to north markets and also I was invited to a wedding party. In Iran wedding party is not just one night. There are some pre-wedding parties and post wedding parties. Those days I had a chance to be in one pre wedding party there. It was great. also I could see their folkloric dance and song. I love that. A very nice thing that attracts me was their happy sound to show how they are happy. Some women start to sing like birds…it is very unique…perhaps because they are in nature, they awake, sleeping, working with birds songs. Also there is a very delicious kind of ice cream in Babol. I bought some cookies for my family as souvenir. Then I move to Ramsar and join my brother's family. They came to Ramsar too. During the trip I talked with 7 people from Ramsar. As I told you I have a research about their accent. It was really difficult for me to understand their words even their sounds. The accent is very different from standard Farsi. But I could find some good friends. I bought some nice and small gift for any who help me in my research from Esfahan. Some of my new friends loved them so much, they never came to Esfahan and it was interesting for them to a have a gift from Esfahan.
Next time I will write about Caspian Sea and a very beautiful and incredible jungle in Ramsar and show you some pictures.

Friday, July 13, 2007

These days

Last night one of my projects was finished. It was about Rodaki. Rodaki was the father of Persian poems. The subject of the article was" a survey in Rodaki`s poems in the view of psycholinguistics and color psychology". Tomorrow morning I am going to go to Tehran to submit it to the Rodaki`s seminar office. And on Sunday, I will go to north of Iran for my second project. It is about Tabari language. I have to talk with old people (more than 50 years old) and pay attention to their sounds, morphs, morphemes and larger, their structure of their words and sentences. It is not a simple job. Especially they are old and inpatient. I have to ask them 100 words and 100 sentences. You can image what happen to them and me…
I will stay there for a week. I booked a hotel for 4 days, and the rest, I will go to my kind classmate who lives there. Her city is far from my destination (about 4 hours) but she is such a very hospital and kind friend that I could not reject her invitation.
You know there is Caspian Sea in the north of Iran. It is near 11 years that I have not visit there. I am a little excited to visiting the sea again. I love it as I love Persian golf.
On July 23rd, my class in the university will be started. As I know this semester we have students from U.S.A, England, Korea, and Australia.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I came back

Today is 07/07/07. Make a wish. I wish peace and bless for the world.
My examinations were well just one .I think I get the best marks. Near 15 days I was far from my city, my home and my parents. It was a little difficult to spend my time with some people who just know how to work not to live. When I was in taxi for a long time I did not get even feel any friendly senses or signals from other passengers.
Nobody wants to know how are you how do you feel unless having some needs. I just could see their attempts to continue their lives, it is respectful but …I miss my city, my river (Zayanderood), my neighbors my friends my nice and kind mother who is my best friend. I could learn many things there during these days, also I had good times with my brother who is my first teacher. We talked, played sang and cried like some years ago when he was a boy at home and we were with each other. It was a great time to remind all our missing memories. Also I had unforgettable times with my love. He tried hard to help me to stand those undesirables. He is a magician. he really helps me and I can get and feel all his love in his eyes. He is the best for me. Thanks God.