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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Happy Ramadan
I wish bless and happiness for all the people around the world.
Ramadan is the nineth Islamic month.Muslims fast during the days of Ramadan.we eat some thing early in the morning before the morning Azan(Muslim song to invite for praying)and then we keep on our fast till sunset and evening Azan.In Ramadan we recommended by our prophet Mohammad(P.B.U.H)to be more kind and generous with poor people,kind and polite with each other,and avoid laying,gossipping and all the other behaviors which keep the human far from our high position among other creatures.

Goodbye my first expreiment in dormitory

I am busy with my thesis and also I am leaving my dormitory.the location of the dormitory is changing to a new address and it is far from my university in addition my work days in Esfahan are increased and I have to be there for 5 days in a week.and , just one 2 days I can be in Tehran to follow my thesis work with my professors ,so I decide to leave the dormitory and be my brother1s guest.
During these days I am a little anxious and worry about many thing.some I know what they are and some other no.It makes me sad and upset and have got my motivation to do my works better.I hope my Kind and Merciful God help me as usual.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Some new news

*last week I attended the first summer school of Iranian linguistics society in Hamedan.It was three days and I enjoyed it and learned a lot there.It had five meeting with the subjects of syntax,morphology,computational,phonology and so on.I had a great times there wiht my new freinds.
you know the summer school had some advantages:1)we learned some new things in a new inviroment 2)we knew the linguistic students of Hamedan 3) we find some new freinds from other universities of Tehran 4) and we become more familiar and freind with our Professors.
*During the trip, I could tell my nice and positive feeling to one of the Phonology professors who teaches in other university and I know her just by her students and her class notes.
* I was not accepted in PhD for the new semester.At first,I got too sad,but now I think if I trying to work better on my thesis, try to write a sceitific article and the most important one, take care of my life and get ready...are more better.
*best wishes for you my nice freinds