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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

When I was a new student in university one day I wanted to do something better than my classmates so I tried to find a wonderful thing to present in class, a few days later I found this poem in children poetry book:
What are heavy?sea-sand and sorrow.
What are brief? today and tomorrow.
What are frail?spring blossoms and youth.
What are deap? ocean and truth.

Up to now I never forget it. this poem could affect my life. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Hi dears
One month ago one of my brothers suggested me to write a weblog. At that time I though it is too difficult
because I though I should write some special and profisional text which can be popular and readable to English native speakers.But now I do not think so. I want to write about my thoughts, my feelings, and also sometimes introduce some Iranian culture,historical monuments and Iranian foods simply completely simple
without any exageration. Because nowadays simple words and sentences can effect others deeply. so I ask
anyone who read these sentences to send me any suggestion to iraniandoughter@yahoo.com for improvement of this weblog.
Thanks alot.