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Friday, February 29, 2008

A response to "Three Hundred"

I was surfing on the net and found this web site. They are making a movie about Iranian Achaemenid kings and Greek kings at the same age. I think it is a response to the movie named "three hundred" …I hope they become successful and show the world ,the real Iranian face and civilization.

My new life in a dormitory

It is near 10 days, I've started my life in a dormitory. It is my first experience to live far from my family. It is a private dormitory and it is clean and tidy, and equipped with all facilities that I need. I have some very friendly roommates. They are all university students in higher education in different Tehran universities. At first it was hard to accept to be far form my parents but I tried to stand and looked at positive points and think about my goal. You know the first thing leading me to live in Tehran was to save time and study more for PhD exams.