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Saturday, May 29, 2004

every single moment of being with you
was a feast
and only you and I
descended on the earth
like a drunk storm
nigligent of the stairs
and you called me
to your realm
among dewy jasmines
beyond the mirrors

Arseni Alexandrovich Tarkovsky

Thursday, May 27, 2004

140 years ago Tehran had 30 qanat to provide its water. Now two or three of them are still active. At that time some parts of the city near the qanats used water for washing cloths and dishes so the water became dirty and other parts of the city had to use it, consequently many diseases were prevalent. After some years the king of that time ordered to some bodies to be �SAGHA BASHI�- a person who bring water for others- to bring water from the depth of qanat that is more pure and antibacterial to protect people from the diseases. After some times, the population was increased and some carriage carried a big barrel of water for drink.
After that time, some places were established for drinking water that had pipes to bring water for people. These places were called �AGHA KHANEH�- place of water- and were respectable and holy for people.
From 1931 to 1961 some dames were built on some rivers to use their water more.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

In the museum (national water museum), there were different levels for water, such as tube level, glass level and triangular level. They were used by Iranian many years ago to determined level of water in different lands.
Also there were scaled water clocks in ancient Iran and after. Two famous scientists; Haseb Karaji (4 century AH, Isfahan) and Mahmoud Khojandi (4 century AH, Khojand) who are famous in innovation and maker of measuring and surveying earth slope equipment and qanat slope indicator have played an important role in history of Iran water.

Through our visiting of historical- cultural complex of Saad Abad, we visited a palace that was belong to general Kasraiee- a general who did all the king�s official works- and now it is national water museum. In the museum the guild of there explained the history of water in Tehran and also a few in Iran. Next time I will wrote about it.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Today, I was surprised when I heard that I am selected as three top >teachers in our faculty. I was one of the candidates and I knew it is not impossible but I surprised for their hurries to tell me!
Perhaps they did so to show me how they are care about me and appreciate me!
At Saturday night I am invited to a thanks party that my boss will hold to appreciate top teachers and executive committee of the GIAN seminar.
I hope my God help me to be top in all steps of my life!
And I hope to keep and learn more humility!

Friday, May 21, 2004

On Monday, my friend and I went to Saad Abad historical and cultural complex. It is located in north of Tehran and surrounded by Alborz and grassy valleys of Darband, in pleasure area. In Ghajarid period it was the summer�s place for the kings and after coup detal of 1299 con sec, some other palaces and gardens were added and it became summer place for the first Pahlavi King ( Reza khan). In the Pahlavi period 18 palaces and mansions were built in Saad abad that each one exhibited elaborate art and Iranian art of architectures.
After Islamic revolution of Iran some of these palaces were changed in to museums such as research and anthropology museum, beautiful art museum, nation museum- palace, military museum, water national museum, Mir Emad writing museum, �.
We visited white palace and Miremad writing museum and water national museum. When I entered the complex and saw such beautiful place with those old, tall and green trees beside the great palaces that all show Iranian art and architecture I felt proud and pleasure and thanks God for his kind!

Finally, yesterday I came back to Esfahan and faced with a very warm and kind welcome from my family. The trip lasted ten days. That was fruitful and I could follow my programs; visiting the 17th international book fair and buying some books, meeting about GIAN (German-Iranian Alumni Network) in Tehran University and getting good results, celebrating the anniversary of my web log with some of my friends and readers, visiting Saad Abad palace (I will write about it soon) with one of my friends, meeting some of my relatives and participating in my brother�s party. During those days usually I slept at 3 or 4 o�clock in the morning because my sister-in-law, her sister and I talked about many things such as our experiences in life and our beliefs. I observed many things and learnt some deep lessons of other�s lives. We were so happy although some times some last memories bothered me. Totally, I enjoyed my trip.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

it is near five days that I ma in Tehran.
During these days I have visited the book fair,Attnding the meeting in Tehran university and also visiting some of my friends.
Tonight, I could celebrate the biirthday of my weblog with some of my friends and readers! that was great!
I am so lucky to have the nice friends!

Monday, May 10, 2004

(About Isfahan)
The sareban minaret was built in the Seljuk period (11th- 13th century). The minaret was part of a destroyed mosque. It is about 130 feet high. The minaret displays a beautiful sample of the Seljuk period, which was one of the most brilliant periods in the history of Iranian art and architecture.
Among Isfahanians it is used as a proverb to show some thing /somebody�s height.

Oh God!
Let all lovers be content.
Give them happy endings!
Let their lives be celebrations!
Let their hearts dance
In the fire of your love!
(written by Roumi, translated by Oxford professors)

Saturday, May 08, 2004

(About Isfahan)
This monument was built in the 14th century and it is located 5 km. West of Isfahan. It is very famous all over Iran for wonderful minarets. When one of them is shaken not only the other minaret, but also the whole building trembles.

On Monday I will travel to Tehran. I have so many works there; visiting the 17th international book fair, meeting in GIAN (German- Iranian Alumni Network) office in Tehran University, meeting one of my professors, meeting some of my friends, holding a birthday party for my web log, visiting the beautiful Palaces of Tehran and meeting some of my relatives. Also I have many works before traveling; setting new schedule for our foreign students, arranging some part of a program for a German tour, finishing my private English class, buying souvenirs for my friends and prepare myself for travel. I hope I can do the best for both.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

On Saturday was teacher�s day in Iran.
Most of my students called me and congratulate. When I heard their sounds I felt pleasure and I remembered all that happened through their classes. Some times I think I am as old as my grandmother because I think they are my children and I usually want to support them!
Also I called my schoolteachers and university professors. How they are kind they still remember me!
Perhaps they tough me to be kind and try to remember the students. Also tough me to be mother of the students and try to help them.
On Saturday and on Tuesday I was invited to two parties for the day. The first in the school that I teach there and second one in municipality garden. Both were great and enjoyable.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

the day before yesterday was the birthday of Iranian daughter ...!
I know it is late but I was busy realy! I had three important and difficult examinations for my job, during these two days!
yes! exactly with this wrong spelling...!