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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tomorrow is the tenth of Moharam (the first month of Arabic year). About 14 centuries ago, Imam Hossein stood against the time government. And on tenth of Moharam a war between government army and Imam and his followers happened. Hossein (P.U.H) just had 72 men among his followers at the battle and the government army was more than 1000 men. They stood and struggle for their believes although the Khalife( the time governor) offered to award them best things and governing of some cities. At last at the evening of the day all the faithful men were killed but one –Imam Sadjad- (he was sick) was alive. All their families (women and children) arrested as the prisoners of the war.

Hossein is the third children of saint Fatima (our prophet's daughter) and Ali (shia`s first Imam and the bravest and the most faithful man in Islam history who was born in Ka`be in Mecca).

On this day Shia Muslims try to hold different ceremonies to respect Hussein and his followers and talk about their beliefs and thoughts.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

first alone day trip

About one month ago I had a day trip to Shiraz. I had an interview in Shiraz University. I hoped some body could come with me unfortunately nobody was free to come so I went alone. While it was my first alone trip , I enjoyed it so much. After my interview I took a taxi and went to bazaars and bought some souvenirs for my parents and then, visited Darvaze Quran (the entrance gate of Shiraz. There is a big Quran on the top of it ( it is because of Iranian and muslim`s belief about God save passengers.).) I went to Hafezieh (Hafez is the most famous Iranian poet who was respected by many worlds' poet such as Gothe) (Hafezieh means his grave). I met a dervish there. He was kind and nice; I had a good and enjoyable time with him. He read some poems and advised me. I loved his words, he chooses the words carefully and put them in the sentences and it caused his words were so meaningful. At last at 1:30 I left Shiraz to Tehran