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Monday, April 06, 2009

My promise

As I promise you, it is time to talk a little about ancient Iran museum.
The above picture shows some statue of the animals which belongs to 4000 years ago.

one of the interesting and wonderful thing in ancient Iran museum is the corps of the head and left foot of a noble man which is refer to 1700 years ago. He fell into the salt mine in Zanjan (one of the western provinces of Iran) and died. Scientists work on it and by using the Carbon 14 test estimated his age 37. Because of the earring on his left ear which was the symbol of nobility among people at that time they understand that he was from a noble family.

One of the most interesting thing I ve seen there was the woman statue. It belongs to 7000 years ago. I could not find its photo in Google just I could find the above picture. The statue I saw is similar to this but in some details, such as the long hat and the dot on the cheek were not for the one I saw. I suppose that it is the Goddess of productivity.

They are some other thing you can find there.

Also you can see some part of Persepolise in ancient Iran museum.
Nest time I will write about the story about one of the persepolise wall picture.