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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yalda (the longest night)

Tonight is the longest night in the year.it is the last night of Autumn and tomorrow winter will com.Iranians called it Yalda and try to celebrate it by having meeting and family party,eating different fruits -specially water melon and pomegranate -and nuts,reading Hafez poems.

We enjoy to be together with whom we love and ask God to bless us during the cold days of winter.water melon and pomegranate are the two fruit wich is special for the night ,since they are red and reminds fire and heat at the longest night.
Happy Yalda.
p.s you can see "Korsi" in the picture.A table with a tick cloth on it and a nice table cloth on.In the past Iranian put some semi burned wood-now heater-under the table and they sat around it and laid their feet under the cloth .it made them feel hot,as they can talked and enjoy being together.we can see it at some traditional house specially grand parents` house.

Some News

I know ,I know it is a long time after my last post here...I was busy...also I `d liked to write some thing better here about Iran`s history or some thing else.During the months ,I was busy on my thesis and an article,also with my work.you know I `ve left Esfahan university,I could not stand the new dictator director,not only me all my colleagues prefer to leave there although we love our job.one month ago I felled down from ten stairs and my head and back injured.Three weeks ago I was informed that I have a problem in my stomach and I have to take some awful medicine for a long time. yesterday,on the road of Esfahan- Tehran,I was with my brother`s family.We had a very terrible accident.It was such fast that I just jump to catch the children in my arm,perhaps the all happened in 3 minutes.Fortunately,no one injured,only we have pain in our neck ,back and shoulders.God helped us...
Two days ago I received the accepting letter of my article abstract in a seminar on "Iranian dialects and history".It is about Phonological process in one of the Iranian dialects.
I hope to finish my thesis in the coming month.
In the end,I can say, although I had an active days!!!I `ve felt the presence of the God and his protection more and more...