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Monday, June 19, 2006

Last week

Last week I had two nice Australian guests.
On Tuesday night I was invited to a dinner with them. Although I did not see their photos I recognized them in the first glance. We had a very enjoyable time with each other at the night. On Wednesday our day tour in Esfahan was started and we could visit Hasht behesht pavilion, chehelsotoun palace, Jame mosque, Naghshe Jahan square and its monuments (Aliqapoo palace, Shah Mosque, lotfollah Mosque). We had lunch at a very beautiful Iranian traditional restaurant.
On Thursday they were invited to my house for lunch.
I asked them to write about their trip to Esfahan and Iranian for my web log. I will post it as they send me.
Last night I was invited to a goodbye party of one of my friend. Next Thursday is her wedding, although it is not our custom to have such a party before our wedding. I hope a very happy life for her.
About my toe, it is not completely well. But I thanked it for its contribution me during the last busy week.
My private classes for entrance test of university were finished today. The test is going to hold next week.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Towards the peacful world

A few days ago I received an email which was about a community for on line educational programs for Muslim and Jewish students in 43 countries. It is called Children of Abraham. I have studied their programs and goals it is a very worthy action towards the dialogue among civilizations and religions. I suggest you to read and know it.
Also if you are interested in the subject of relation and unity among nations you can read www.mrawards.org
Today I am going to visit the doctor. I hope I `ve been better and can walk.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

These days

After 10 days, I decided to visit a doctor and do radiography of my toes. Unfortunately, I saw that my toes were as bad as before and nothing well. So the doctor put my foot in a cast to make them fix. It is near 7 days that I have to rest, walk a little, and sit for a short time. It is boring for me to be quiet and lay on the bed. Just I drink, eat, study and talk on the phone. During these days I have enough time to think about my 2 new job opportunities. One is teaching in a language institute and the other is technical managing of a travel agency. It is the sixth travel agency suggesting me to work. I want to think about them better and seriously. I have many new ideas and plans for both. I hope I can choose the best one.
Next week, I have two dearest guests from Australia and I am so excited. My doctor promised me to open my cast on the first days of next week. I told her that I have guests and I have many works to do although I did most of them.