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Thursday, June 23, 2005

My own words

I do not know: Why should I repeat some important things again and again?
I do not know: Why I think if once I talk about my pleasant and unpleasant you should memorize them and remember when necessary?
I do not know: Why you told me I know them and keep them in my heart (and finally you forget)?
I do not know: Why I hate repeat them again and again to help you remind?
I do not know: Why I bother you by repeating?
I do not know: Why I prefer to sleep and make free from the all?
I do not know: Why you think I am a little child and need some unimportant details?
I do not know: Why you forget my needs?
I do not know: Why I am such a selfish girl that thinks about these things in the situation?
I do not know: Why they have become important things for me now?
I do not know: Why you do not pay attention them now?
Oh, my God I do not know what are happening to me?
I am sure I will pass these days and hope to find the answers.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My love

Love is:

You cook him a desert, when you are on a diet.
I still love you more and more!

Monday, June 13, 2005

a short trip

Have you ever heard any thing about Iranian coral islands?
There are many coral islands in Persian Gulf which the biggest one is KISH.
In the last week of winter I had a short trip to Kish for three days. The weather was great at that time. Kish is a business free area and so some prices are lower ( just some prices) so I went shopping and buy some things for my family, friends and my self. Also I could visit some of its attractions like: sea aquarium that is a small ship having glass walls and you can see the sea and its fish and plants when you are in. that was terrific. I could see many beautiful and scares fish. Uha I could see the lucky fish. Lucky fish is a fish with an orange strip around its neck and because it is scares some people believed that if any one see it in the sea it can brings her or himhappiness.
Also I visit the Green tree, it is a very big and huge tree and natives believe it as a holy tree. Also I went to Jungle Park but unfortunately I could not visit the Dolphins Park. There are some dolphins in a water park and they do some attractive and wonderful things. In general Kish is a very beautiful island with its tall palms and gazed view of azure water and waves of PERSIAN GULF.
It was Persian Gulf, it is Persian Gulf and it will be Persian Gulf.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Travel agency

At the first days of winter, three travel agencies invited me to work as their tour technical manager. Unfortunately I did not consider and analyze them carefully. I just consider their distances to my home. The third one was the nearest one. I rejected Two of them were far from our home and accept the last one.
After 10 days, I started my work as a tour technical manager. That was new and exiting experience for me. I changed many things in the agency: making new brochures, changing the windows of agency, making some new and enjoyable rules, arranging some interesting domestic tours …
But unfortunately because of some problems I preferred to leave there.
After some weeks I found out that the managing director was not honest with me. The agency had some financial problems.
In spite of his dishonesty I tried to help him and the agency. I became successful to solve some of the problems I knew. But after 3 months I understood there were other problems that I could not solve even tolerate them. And I decided to leave there and let Tourism Organization know the whole story. Perhaps they can help him.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


At first days of Mehr( the first month of autumn) which is the first month of school year for Iranian students, I was invited to teach in one of the high schools of the city.
When I went there to talk about the conditions of working I saw most of my teachers teach there too…!
That was great for me to work as colleague with my school teachers.
I started my work with some problems and enjoins. Fortunately I could make a relaxed and friendly relationship with my students. We had good and memorable time with each other. I make them study hard and also enjoy their study. I let them suggest their own idea about teaching and learning English in the class and that was work well.
Last Saturday was the last time in the year that we were with each other. Their examination was good, not too difficult not too easy.
Perhaps I will be their teacher next year.
I wish the best for all of my students.

again me

Hi my nice, kind and patient friends!
during these days, no better to say these monthes I was too busy because I had to work too much in 3 fields. so I had no time to up date. but I hope I can up date my web log as soon as before. I have so many words to tell you about my experiences in a Travel Agency , in a high school, and in the university. I will back soon.
best wishes for you.