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Monday, March 29, 2004

And now three months of summer.
The first month is started June 22 to July 22. It is called �TIR�. It has two meaning; height and division. In this month sun is in the highest position in the Sky and also the farmers are going to divide their produce.
The second month is started July 23 to August 22. It is called �Mordad�. It means soil. In this month soil presents all has inside it to people.
The third month is started August 23 to September 22. It is called �Shahrivar�. �Shah� means king and �rive� means income. In this month the entire king waited for farmers` production to got tax.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The first Iranian month is started on March 21 to April 20. It calls �Farvardin�. It is a Pahlavi word & it means the month of plant growth!
The second month is started on April 21 to May 21. it calls �Ordibehesht�. In ancient Farsi �Ord� means �like� and �Behesht� means �Paradise�. In this month world is like Paradize because of flowers & plants!
The third month is started on May 22 to June 21. It calls �Khordad�. �Khor� means �Foods and fruits� and �Dad� means �To give�. This month give people foods and fruits!
These are three month of spring!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Do you know Khayam?! He is one of Iranian poet!
He wrote a book, Norooznameh (Norooz book), it is about Norooz and Iranian custom. One session of the book is specialized for Iranian months and their meanings.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

As you know Iranian New Year start by the first day of spring, March 20.
Do you know any thing about Iranian months and their meaning?!
I decide to write about Iranian month and also their meaning in coming days!

In the last day of previous year I decided to delete all things that remind me bad memories, but I did not do it!
I decided to let them alive, they should be alive to remind me many things, to remind me I should be wiser, I should know some thing in our life it is not under our control some body in the highest position control me, he loves me and he helps me as usual, I should learn he knows every thing better than me! He wrote the best for me in my fate and whenever I want to do some thing that is far from my happiness he stop them!
Therefore during these days I listened to the music, I looked at the puppet doll and I thought about the all memories! Although some times I cry slowly in my loneliness, it is good! It shows I am brave enough.
I remember when I was too young I promise myself, to be wise and optimist about world! And now it is the time to realize them!
I hope my God helps me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It is the fifth day of spring.
Today, I am alone! Not completely, my Computer is with me!
On Saturday night my American student back to her dormitory, on Tuesday evening our guests back to Tehran, and in the morning my brother back to his home!
During these days I could find some new good friends. I hope we can continue and also make it strong!
Yesterday I was as a guide for our guests and introduce some of our historical monuments during our visiting.
I did no work, no translating, no studying, and no�. perhaps today I can start to do them! Indeed I tough some English grammars and summarized a short stories for one of my friend!
Now I am waiting for my sister and her family they travel to south of Iran.
I miss her very much! And also my cute niece!

We (Aya & I) talked about Iranian history, Feminism, some Iranian historical monuments, Iranian culture and customs, love and our opinion about Islam!
She is so kind and could match with my family sooner than I expected!
We had unforgettable moments with each other!
I hope we can make our friend ship stronger!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Follow you can reed the opinion of an American girl who spent Norooz with an Iranian family! I publish her sentences without any changes!

Salam and eid mobarak! Nowrooz khoosh begzare! Greetings this new year; my name is Aya, and I am the guest of the very sweet Eftekhar, who has kindly opened her home and family celebration to me this new year and new year�s eve. She and her family have shared with me their nowrooz preparations and festivities, including the decorating of eggs, the haft seen, and the New Year prayers. The celebration has included wonderful family meals of fish from the Persian Gulf, traditionally eaten the night before nowrooz, gorme sabzi, meat and vegetables- all delicious! On the morning of the New Year, we decorated eggs for each member of the family, using symbols of wishes for the New Year. We decorated the eggs with the sun and moon god, fire and water, and the elements, making wishes for things to come in the New Year; I enjoyed this process, considering hopes for the future and what this year may bring! Also, preparation of the Sofreh, as Eftekhar has previously described, was a careful construction process of symbolic �seen� items. My favorite part is the bowl for the two red goldfish and the red spinning apple!

The concentration and mindfulness of the process were striking to me; I enjoyed the thoughtfulness behind it and the consideration of rizq (that which is provided by God) in the past year and the next. After the haft seen was put together, the last minutes of New Year are for reading of the Quran al-Karim. Just before the first minute of the New Year one closes the Holy Quran, and opens it at the precise moment of the New Year, hoping to receive wisdom for the future year.

Through the day, many family members came to visit, and we enjoyed many cups of tea, fruit and sweets - and much music! It was a joy to have a dance party here with Eftekhar, who loves music, and her sister-in-laws.

As many of my new year�s celebrations in America or Europe have been of a drastically different nature, I truly appreciated the mindfulness of this ceremony and this observance of the new cycle of life for this year. The entire celebration reminded me of many blessings to be appreciated from the old year, and hopes, aspirations, and prayers for the new one. I feel fortunate to share this time with a family of such good heart and true spirit, and truly appreciate the welcome and openness they have shown me in their home. If these past two days bring harbingers of the year to come, insha�allah this year will be filled with kindness, generosity and dancing! Khoda hafez*(Bye)

Friday, March 19, 2004

If you would like to see a picture of Iranian Haft Seen click here.
the statue is one of the Achaemenid soldier. it is not part of our "Haft Seen".

In the New Year I celebrate New Year with one of my American Students!
I hope she enjoy our new Year ceremony!
I will write again soon!

It is the last day of this year!
Today I am going to turn and change every thing!
I delete all things that remind me unpleasant memories of this year.
I would like to start a very happy and successful year!
This year, I have understood that I am more patient and stronger than I expected!
I am going to make awake my senses & feelings! I know it is difficult but I have to do! I should convey myself that nothing has changed! That was part of my fate, which can help me to understand some unknowns.
It is near one month that I am in fast of silence about the matter. I hope to be turned of this mood!
I learnt most of the good manners; honest, logic, kind, � are not useful and can not work in our relations. They are just some antique & decorated words that people usually use to get other�s respect and attention. So it is better for me to try to hide some of them inside me! How hard it is! I do not want to loose them they are my valuable beliefs. I only appear them to who is worthy for them!
I have to learn to see the world such that is! Not such that I prefer!
I hope this spring can bring happiness for you too!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Iranian set �HAFT SEEN� for New Year.
�Haft Seen� means Seven Ss. We put seven things that start with S sound on a �Sofreh�, (table cloth). They are Samanoo (juice of germinating wheat that taste sweet), Serkeh (vinegar), Seer (garlic), Senjed (it is a kind of fruit or better to say kind of grocery that is yellow and orange oval), Sekeh (coin), Sib (apple), Sabzeh (grass which Iranian plant it 15-20 days before Norooz in a plate). Some Iranian put Sombol (a kind of flower). Each of them is symbol of an aspect. �Samanoo� as symbol of sweet and happiness, �Vinegar�; be patient, �Coin�; be rich, �Garlic�; be health, Senjed; be strong, �Red apple�; symbol of Love, �Sabzeh�; be happy.
Also we put our Holy Koran, a mirror, one or more red fish in water, two candles, some colored eggs for family members, Shab boo (gillyflower), some wheat seeds, fruits, cookies and nuts on Sofreh.
We usually put fish in front of mirror.

A few hours before the exact time of New Year, Iranian family sits around the Sofreh. Father or the oldest member of family sits on the top of Sofreh and read Koran, and also others read Koran or pray. At that time we remember our all wishes and think about them and ask God to help us to make them reality. And when spring comes at the exact time the entire family arm, kiss and congratulate each other and elders give juniors some presents or money. The juniors are happy and lucky!
I am the last child of my family so I will take many present and also I should give my nieces and nephews present!! That is great I usually enjoy buying presents!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Oh you, who turn the hearts and eyes!
Oh you, who create nights and days!
Oh you, who change years and moods!
Change our conditions to the best!

These are Iranian special pray for New Year.

�Norooz� is the name of Iranian New Year holidays.
In Farsi it means �new day�.
Spring comes at 10:18 A.m on coming Saturday.
I hope this spring becomes the best and unforgettable spring for all the people around the world! Because in Persian we have a proverb, which means in English; �a best year have good signs in its spring�.

Last night a known and unclear sound called me! I do not know who is that?!
I heard this sound two weeks ago again!
Perhaps it is me, myself,! My pride! Or my heart!?
Perhaps it is� !
I am not sure who is that?! But I am sure It is familiar with me!
I should try to find it in my mind or my heart!

Monday, March 15, 2004

Tomorrow night is the last Wednesday night of this year!
Iranian according to a traditional custom celebrates this night!
We call it �CHAHARSHANBEH SOURI�. (Chaharshanbeh means Wednesday and Souri was the changed form of Souzi that means burning)
In the past, each family made a little fire in the yard to kill all the evils in the house. They sing, dance and try to enjoy this celebration. This ceremony refers to Zoroastrian beliefs about power of fire.
Today�s, we celebrate this night but with some changes! We make fire in the street and we gather with our neighbors and friends not only with our family. We also sing and clap if possible dance and tell jocks and we laugh. Indeed, in this night the young girls and boys do �Fal GooSH� (it is Persian word). It means that they think about their favorite partner, it is better to say love, and suddenly enter in a place, which some bodies talk and they get the first words of their speech and interpret it for them! And perhaps it becomes true!
I hope tomorrow I enjoy this celebration and also I am going to do �FAL GOOSH�.

Yesterday was the last session of my English class in Isfahan municipality. When I arrived in class, I saw my students (the staff of cultural & social department of municipality) held a little thanks party for me. That was great! They surprised me!
Yesterday I remember when I was student; I usually enjoy appreciating my good and unforgettable teacher. And how they became happy!
I hope I could be an unforgettable teacher for them! And also they could learn many thing in my class!

Friday, March 12, 2004

you can read the new news and information about women in <strong>webwoman.

Today I had many textes to translate! I did them completly!
But I cannot feel well!
I remember some time before, when I did my work completly I felt pleasure!
I miss myself! I am looking for myself in these unknown days!
How much I knew myself?! how much I will know?!
I hope.......

It the last days of the year and I should finalized all my works. Also I should set a schedule for my next year.
These days I am really busy!
In New Year I have to start my work sooner than ever!
I should continue my Farsi classes on 7th day of New Year!
Also I should prepare for German- Iranian 2nd International Symposium/ workshop, which is holding on April 14-18.
In addition I should continue the editing of the English Reading Book for Iranian students!
And if I cannot finish translating of my free texts, I should complete them in the first days of New Year!
Also I have three important examinations in the second month of New Year.
And finally, these days, I should be ready for New Year and help my mother to clean the house!!!!!
Oh! Poor me! How much I am busy!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

The Khajou Bridge
(About Isfahan)
This unique bridge was built in the mid 17th century during the reign of Shah Abbas I. The bridge was constructed for several purposes such as the connection of the city to southern villages and the road to Shiraz. The bridge was used as a dam, to take the most advantage of the Zayanderood River. In the 17th century long artificial water channel was constructed through different parts of the city. These water channels are called �Maddis�. When the stone arches of the bridge formed a dam, not only an artificial lake was made on the western side of the river, but also sufficient water flowed through the maddis for agriculture purposes. The Khajou Bridge is a wonderful recreational place, where travelers and people of Isfahan have a memorable time.
Especially during Norooz and summer nights!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Today I would like to write some thing about all happen to me this year and make a conclusion.
In the first season of the year (spring); I was too busy; I was in the last term of university with different researches, I worked in Isfahan University and an English institute with all difficulties, I was passing the final examinations of tour managing classes!
In the second season (summer); I should pass the final university examinations and passed my training periods in two travel agencies, and when I was graduated, three jobs proposed me!
I traveled to Syria and Lebanon. That was great!, I started to study for M.A examination.
In third month of the year (autumn), I worked in German �Iranian Seminar on Teaching German Language and 18th International Children Film Festival as a translator. Also I attended some classes to prepare for M.A examination, also cooperated with a big industrial Company for translating.
In last season of the year (winter); I tough English staff of Cultural and Social Department of Isfahan Municipality. But I could not continue my study for M.A examination! I faced with many paradoxes, many new and strange things and events! I got my tour managing certification but sooner than I expected my gladness went some way! My boss through a party appreciated me and presented me a gift! But these short gladness could not help me understand and analysis these ambiguities and paradoxes!
Therefore, what can I conclude this year!?
I believe that all of these happen to me, were some shiny signs for my future life and maybe because of their gazed light I cannot understand them so soon! But I am sure my God never let me alone he help me! All happen to me surly are good and the best that should happen! I am sure!
Also I could find some new good friends!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This mosque is an extraordinary complex of mosques greater than all other historical monuments of Esfahan. It is a collection of architectural and artistic works. In fact it presents the development of arts and architecture achieved in course of more than 1100 years. The entrance corridor shows round pillars from the 12th century. The unique southern dome (khajeh Nezam Al molk dome) and the magnificent northern dome, which is named the Khaki dome, are from the 11th century. All four porches (eivans), which are located around the courtyard, are from the 12th century, but restorations and ornamentations are from later periods.
The sanctuary of Oljaitu prayer- niche (Mehrab), which has unique plasterwork, is a masterpiece of art from the 14th century. The winter gallery (Shabestan) located behind the above mentioned mehrab is another outstanding part of the mosque.

Oh God! Grant me: ability to endure what I cannot change
Courage to change what should be changed
Wisdom to distinguish between them!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

It is the last days of winter. Snow, coldness and sleep are going to leave here!
All gardens are changing their clothes and clean the house for their new guests!
Ground is ready to set its green rugs all over the land!
Swallows and sea birds are going to immigrate to warm lands to spend their best days in spring!
The sky puts on his magnificent light blue mantle!
All happen because spring comes!
Only 15 days later every things will be changed!
By spring, Iranian New Year comes!
Iranian along with the nature celebrate birthday of spring!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

During this week I received many kind and nice emails from my dear readers all over the world. Really they made me calm by their massages! How pleasant when we find out that somebody out of here care about us!
My dear friends thanks!
My blue imagine present to your kind hearts!

We have born to live!
We live to suffer!
We suffer to die!

And then, we can be in peace forever! Near him and his affection & compassion!