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Sunday, March 19, 2006

At frist, Thank you so much for your New Year congratulation and condolances.
Tomorrow is the last day of New Year holidays. On second day of holiday my whole family (my parents and my brothers` families and my sister family) and I went in the country. On the rest days of holiday I stayed at home and read some books and article such as : Holy Bible, Common English errors, a book about treat with plants and vegetable and an article about traditional Iranian song and it's categorizations. I got many new points and useful information from each. So I decided to share the points with you in my blog. I start with Bible:
Never judge people, just God has the right to judge people.
It has a very high and valuable meaning that really made me think more, it repeated several times in my mind.

Friday in the morning, we were informed that my uncle passed away. He was a kind old man. Two of his sons were martyred in Iran-Iraq war. He lived in a little old village near Esfahan. He never complained about his life or his fate. I loved him so much.
At the night we were informed that my aunt's husband passed away too.
So two days we were involved with their mourning ceremonies. I can saw two different views when somebody passes away. My uncle's daughters told every body participating in the mourning ceremony that I wish the best for you, we hope you nice and happy days. You came here sadly and I hope you back your home happily. And my aunt's daughters cried and say why just me have to tolerate? Why all bad events are for me? Why?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

what happen this year

The year is going.
Its spring was great and dreamy. Your words were glorious. Every thing was white and green. The summer was full of worries. Days were pregnant for an anxious baby. All days long were raining, black clouds covered the sky. they jailed the sun. As I can see were darkness and darkness and darkness. Nobody see us. We were lost. Nobody looked for us. The autumn arrived and tried to make the sun free. It needs more cares and patience. Winter came. And now it is going to welcome the new spring. I hope and wish the best spring, I wish …

Friday, March 10, 2006

Last days of the year

Yesterday was the Day of charity in Iran. Each year on the last Thursday of the year Iranian hold a celebration for helping poor people. Most of the people and different governmental organizations participate in. I like this action and always participate in.
On the last days of year Iranian has another custom to clean their house to welcome the spring. We call it ((Khane Takani)) khane means house and takani means shaking and moving. Usually I help my mother to clean the house and change the position of furniture but this year my mother is in Tehran with my brother's children because their mother is in Esfahan for her father as I told before. So I myself start to clean our home without any help. It is hard but I can do it completely. I hope I can finish it until my mother comes back.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of candle will not be shortened. Happiness is never decreased by sharing with others.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

On the last days of winter you were born and spring came after you. You are kind to sympathize winter and welcome spring. I tolerate the cold days of winter since I know you will come soon and I am ready for nice and green days of spring with you.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Two weeks ago on Wednesday I had driving test. I could pass it successfully. I think about one month later I can receive my driving license. I enjoyed driving so much… perhaps some body who visited Iran before said "oh no driving is terrible and impossible in Iran …" I know but also know how to do it carefully and meet it. Last Thursday I had M.A examination for state universities I hope to accept.
Unfortunately my uncle and my best sister-in-law's father are sick and they are in a hospital. I hope they become well soon.
It is last days of the year for us, these days every body is happy and tries to do the best for New Year. I hope I can do so, soon.