I Am an Iranian Daughter

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

These days I miss myself very much, and also I miss you!
My nice, beautiful and dearest friend where are you?
I miss my papers, I miss that me, who wrote her poem, I miss that me who wrote every things, all the painful days, all the full tears eyes, all the happy moments, all the seconds when we eagerly searched an excuses to have a contact with each other. How simple and funny excuses we found!
I remember all the times that I wrote my feelings and then I felt better. But what about now?! What happen to me ?!
I remember when I though I can make my fate and my future! When, I though that I can choose, I have opportunity to choose!. But now I find out I am only an actress in life theatre not more. I should yield in front of fate and nature.
Also I remember when I decided to forget you to show I can change some things in my life but what happened? All the times you came in my mind. You got from me the opportunity of chooses. What do want from me, tell me so soon. You have not enough time!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Ten days later we have workshop between Iran and Germany in Isfahan University. I am busy now and I am sure I will be more busy in next days.
Anyway I believe that to be busy is better than... .
I hope my kind God help me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

last day was the third day that I had appointment with the president of isfahan university to talk about my work and sth. else. And again an unpridictable event happened so that was canceled. I do not know why that event should happen at that time?! At first I become too angry and sad but just this sentence whisper in my ears: "The world has some signs that guid us, we should find and underestand them".( Chemistry, written by PAULA COALIO) may be all things that happened to me these days are the signs. But I do not know what should I do with them!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I am so sorry I can not believe he died. why? really why? if the world can not keep such a man, should destroy. nothing can show my ...............!!!!!!!!

Again about Isfahan:
This square is one of the most attractive squares in the world. Four of the masterpieces of Islamic art and architecture are located around the square. The Ali- Ghapoo, the Imam blue mosque, the Sheikh lotfollah mosque, ands the bazar. The squre is about 510 meters long and 160 meters wide and it is surrounded by a multitude of identical rooms disposed on two levels. National and religious ceremonies were held in this square.The original square had a polo ground. Stone gates of polo ground can be seen at the northern and southern ends of the square. The square is one of the shopping centers where Isfahan handicrafts are presented.

I like it, because I can see most of impossible or far possible things in it, that can be good, pleasure and bad. If it is good I can taste it and if it is bad I can know what bad things can happen to my life and I feel better because it is in my dream.
What is your idea ?!

Sunday, September 07, 2003

During these days I tried to publish my notes but I do not know why I could not.! Maybe some things become wrong in our system in Iran again!
I will write soon.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Many, many years ago, Arian nations came in Iran platto . They found it pleasure, and suitable for living on. So some of them settled down and other continued their search to find the better place for living. The first group went to different parts of platto and finally they made Iranian people with different beliefs (Turkey, Balouch, Lor, Fars and Kord). Arian nation caused the first human civilization and exported it to the world.
Many years later a holy prophet Zarastor invited them to believe on God and avoid being the Devil followers. Some of them accepted the Zerastorian beliefs and the others in other religions.
When Islam came in Suadi Arabia�.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

How awful when we find out we are alone.
Today I feel alone more than ever.
I have no ear to listen, not hear, my painful words.
I have family, friends I live near them but I am alone.
I remember all the times that they talk to me about their pain and problems. But I never remember the times they listen to me even to solve my problems. They are busy, they have family, and they have not enough time to spend with me. Oh, it is awful, whenever they want, come to my life, talk to me, take my time, then they calm and go, go for the next time.
Today I need some body to talk with, to cry in her arm and feel secure. But I can not find any. I have! But they have not enough time for me.
I hate these sentences:� Oh, sorry I am busy. Are you free, plz translate this part for me?�
My God I just have you, only you and my computer listen to me. Thanks, thanks, but sometimes I wish you spoke like human! But no, no perhaps if you speak like human you say� I have not enough time! I am too busy!