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Thursday, April 20, 2006

My toes

last week I went to Tehran. I really enjoyed and did many things but unfortunatly my toes were broken. I was playing football with my nephew and suddenly ...!
Now I am better and I can walk. it was my first exprience about breaking. I hope nobody taste it.

Iran & Nuclear Energy

During these days, I have received a large number of emails about Iran and nuclear energy. Some bodies who decide to visit Iran in this year are worry about Iran, Iranians, and United nation sanctions about Iran. So today I decide to write about Iranian Atomic Energy.
Since 1969, Iran started its nuclear knowledge and after Islamic revolution Iran became a member of NPT. As you know the members of NPT are promise to have nuclear energy without its destructive use such as nuclear weapons. And whenever the NPT council would like, can visit their nuclear sites. But unfortunately there are much unreal news about Iran and our nuclear activities. I believe the best way to get some real news about Iran is some of the Iranian English web logs. Because most of them are free and do not have to support any other's benefits so they can write more clear and real. The U.S.A because of some things and some benefits that wiling to achieve in Middle East try to show that Iran are trying to make the nuclear weapons while in the Middle East somewhere near us there is a country that have nuclear weapons and are trying to expand them. Yes the country is Israel. Nobody cares about it and try to stop it . . . neither Israel nor U.S.A is members of NPT.
So do not worry about Iran and Iranians when ever you `d like you can come and visit our country and enjoy your trip.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mohammad`s Birthday

On Sunday is our holy prophet's birthday. Sonias (one branch of Islam) celebrate it last Tuesday. But the date is not important we have the same God and the same prophet. In Iran the days between these two dates is called Muslims Unity Days.
All the Muslims celebrate his birthday gloriously. Some hold celebration and invite people to parties, some give sweets to people and ….
In our Holy Quran, Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was named (Rahmato lel alamin). It means a gift a blessed for the world.
I decided to write some of his words for you:

- He is not a real Muslim who starts a day and do not think and try to help others.
- The best of you is who is more helpful for others.
- You can not enter the heaven unless you try to be kind and respect each other.
- Any who does not like children and not respect elders is not a Muslim

I congratulate this holy day to any who is follower of the truth.