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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Dear friend
a problem occur what I write soon change to Chinese alphabet!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Father

It is near 6 months, I `ve been informed my father suffers from Alzheimer!
I visited a psychologist last year, my father`s behaviors leaded me to do so. she told me we need a C. T. Scan report of his brain to understand his problem, she was suspicious about his disease...Nothing bad was reported in the first CT Scan!
but less than 10 months, When I visited the doctor for the third times to report his behaviors, she understood that my father has some signs of Alzheimer! .... next C.T scan and then MRI...

You know it is really hard...really hard for a daughter to see her father in this situation...
A father for a girl is the best man in the world! the most powerful, the kindest and her haven...

It is really hard when I have to try to remind him who the family are, where we are living, who he is...I am a teacher for the ones who know nothing about my knowledge, but how can I teach to my teacher?!
Some times I can not see his kind and innocent eyes...

Oh!My God! please help me! help me to be the best for him, as he`s been for me!

help me to do the best for him as he did the best for me...

My dear freinds, from all over the world, please ask God to save him!to make him healthy and happy again...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


you know what?!
Finally, I reach my goal! my God`s bless `s blossomed in my life again! my mother`s wish realised!
"I `ve accepted in PhD"
How can I explain my feeling?!
I remember the sad and black night of 10 years ago, when I was informed I got fail in state university intrance exam! I promise my mother to try my best to get PhD in my field, in one of the best state university of Iran!and now...
Oh! my God! thank you! thank you! no word can show my gratfulness!
My parents! I kiss your hands for all your generouse love !
My love! thank you, you are a really nice and perfect supporter for me in all steps of my life!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

City of the Mosques

Istanbul ıs wll known as the cıty of mosques!
you can see the Sultan Amet mosque

7 days ın turkey

It ıs the second day I am ın Istanbul!
İt is very beatıful cıty
you can see an island ın Marmar Sea ın the pıcture
I ve got it...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Tonight at 21.02, the earth turned around the the Sun and spring came...
Iranian New Year `s started.
you can see our "Haft Seen"(seven S) in the picture.
this year I colored the eggs by natural color, one yellow by saffron, one brown by tea and the last one orange by curry.
I wish peace and health for all the nations.

Friday, March 19, 2010

spring house

For more than a week, I was like the woman you see!
It was the time of spring house. In Persian we call it "Khane takani",khane means; house & Takani means; shaking. Although shaking is not a good equal for the Persian word, when we use "tekandan"(to shake), we mean all the dust and tiny things among a thing will fall down, so we use the word for our house to show how our house should be clean! We should wash and clean all and all parts of the house.
This year, my mother has a terrible pain in her knee and doctors recommend her to have an operation, and more than 8 years, my father has had the same problem and some other diseases, so I decided to do spring house on my own this year!
My parents said you re unique! Every walls and dishes are brightening ...
I tried to throw out all the dust and dirtyness from our house and welcome all the happiness and cleanliness...
we are waiting for spring...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

God Save all the MOTHERS

I wish that the children all over the world enjoy their mothers` warm arms.

P.S. when I saw the picture I could not stop crying for minutes for the poor chiks looking their mother`s arm...